25 Comments on “Ebay Gold Coin – Fake or Real?”

  1. A scale that meant to weigh 9.0 gramms is calibrated with 600 gramms? Wtf?
    Thats like calibrating a kitchen scale with your bodyweight!

  2. Thanks! Will you flip it when gold goes to 1700 and put that to more
    silver? That’s the most yellow gold I’ve ever seen. Even my Maples which
    are five 9’s are amber-honey colored. Just heard that there is huge huge
    funds shorting gold and good job numbers and Feds Feb minutes may push gold
    down further. I’m so backing up the truck this time. It’s gonna be sweet
    when gold goes under 1500 and stays put all summer. Picked up a 2nd job
    just for this. Can’t stop grinning man! Gonna be EPIC!!

  3. Glad it turned out to be ok.. when you dropped it on the scales and it was
    exact.. i thought it was gonna be ok Nice find

  4. Let me try this again I made it confusing. The coin is a 9 gram coin that
    is 12K. If you melted this coin down you would get .1447 of pure 24 Karat
    gold from it. If you google 1974 Turks and Caicos Churchill gold coin you
    can get the coin specifics. When you get stats on a coin – they list the
    amount of gold in the coin – they are talking about the amount of pure gold
    if you melted it down.The Karat tells what percentage of the entire coin is
    gold. 12 Karat = 50% of the coin’s weight is gold.

  5. I have a itchy feeling that your going to pop the Wolf in one of your
    video’s fairly soon ! 😀

  6. thanks bro….just gave me a warm and fuzzy…if it was from apmex or some
    where like there….i wouldn’t have…but since it was off ebay….i would
    always be wondering.

  7. yeah…..i took a gamble based on his perfect feedback with over 1000
    sales…..but i knew I’d test it as soon as i got it

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