39 Comments on “Complete Indian Cent Collection in Dansco Album with KEY DATES”

  1. This collection deserves respect. I did mine from1857 to 2011. Twice for
    both my daughters 4 n 6 years old.

  2. i not even 1/2 done with Wheat and Indian collection. I start to create a
    few years ago until I got in Silver now i thinking, i should finish it slow.

  3. Amazing Coins!!! It’s amazing that all of your indian heads are in great

  4. sorry. I filmed this for insurance purposes originally and just decided to
    put it up on youtube to share

  5. Dang very nice collection. So far I have one indian head… I’ve got a ways
    to go.

  6. The 1880 is a great looking coin! Grading the coins by the Liberty Head
    Ban,tells me the coin is a AU. Thank you and Rob Marlowe for all of the
    great coin videos!

  7. when he blew out the candles on the cake, he reminded my of the fucking
    annoying Pob doll who used to spit up all over the tv screen and write his
    name in it.

  8. oi someone remind me to never watch any of the videos hes going on

  9. If you name your video something and then put that image in the thumbnail I
    expect to see that, when it turns out its someone talking about it, it
    makes me want to fucking scream.

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  11. My grandmother(bless her) nearly fell for that ‘golden 20p’ hoopla. She got
    offered £20, on ebay.

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