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Get BM item using rare coins - Digimon Masters Online

Luckily, there were 5 items left & I got it from the last coin! Well, this is a new way of getting rare Burst Mode item in KDMO. The BM item is not available…
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  1. hello, i found ur videos by accident. and you have good DMO contents. just
    want to ask if you know a private server for DMO that also has items/digi’s
    from KDMO? DMO right now has crazy prices. its mind boggling

  2. i don’t know.. but i think, GDMO will use cash shop only, no rare machines,
    if that you mean..

  3. yeah. it’s a lot better especially for non-cashers.. i would highly
    recommend it.. just give it a try..

  4. i hope so 😀 😀 ive kept them xD gonna try and get on kdmo tomoz 😀
    sometimes it comes up with the C message thing and it kiks me off the game
    it happened to me today and it hasnt happened in a week 🙁

  5. previously, we could use event coins on rare machines to get ryuuda,
    blackAgu, blackGabu & also tamers’ skills.. but now, all of them are closed
    and only cash coins are accepted :3

  6. I’m lost. Whenever I try to use my coins I can’t. I just came back after a
    few months and have 23 rare coin event. Is there a reason why I can’t use

  7. Because it’s ”event” coins.. they no longer allow players to use that..
    two options left: get it from cash shop or healing machine at DATS..

  8. actually, i have some as well lol hmm.. i’m afraid, if we throw them away,
    we might lose the chance to use it, in case they allow us once more.. in
    the future.. who knows 🙂 *provided they don’t automatically delete them
    for us Last time, there was a problem with setting up the rare machines so
    they gave us free coins as compensation.. it may happen again 😀

  9. you think its better than playing GDMO? coz as much as i’ll be sad to stop
    playing there, im not a silk user. and right now its too much of a
    disadvantage unlike before. prices are getting crazy. you think KDMO is
    non-silk user friendly?

  10. oke can u also maybe tell me how to get alot of money when your tamer is
    lvl 23 and your digimon lvl 37?:$ thanks for all the help men

  11. i got it from cash shop.. some players also sell it at DATS i guess.. i saw
    people shout; buying it for 500-700m each

  12. aca en esta mierda de GDMO solo se consiguen por evento las coin y no dan
    nada bueno. me gustaria cambiarme a KDMO pero no lo puedo descargar que
    alguien me ayude D:

  13. Amzar me gustaria si pasaras a mi ch de youtube a ver q tal :3 espero y lo
    veas y me regales un like o una subscripcion dame tips de juego tambien :3

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